cafeina restaurant

Cafeína Restaurant – start your day in the best way

When we travel or go out to eat, we usually look for restaurants that have lunch or dinner. Now, by Cafeína, it pays you to get up a little early from bed and start the day with a beautiful breakfast.

The homemade breads are pure love. Each one tastier than the other! Besides all you can think of at a breakfast table and they have a delivery, amazing, right? The restaurant works with breakfast baskets for you to gift (or to gift yourself) and wake up the best way.

The pies are also wonderful, great to eat on the porch or celebrate an anniversary. Kits are also sold for meetings, get friends, an evening with breads, cheeses and wines or just to have a wonderful afternoon with the one you love.

Make your reservation for the Cafeína Restaurant by our email and have an amazing breakfast.